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Odds are if you’re looking for an attorney, you’re already dealing with a very stressful situation and need help.  Choosing the right attorney to represent you is the first step in getting your issue resolved with the least amount of emotional and financial damage possible. 

We are a reputable and reliable firm that is known in the legal community to zealously advocate for our clients by knowing all of the relevant laws and facts and leveraging them to achieve the best possible outcomes.  We take great pride in cultivating the attorney-client relationship and consider it the key to pursuing effective solutions and strategies, as it allows us to uniquely tailor our approach to each client’s specific short-term and long-term needs, whether it be negotiating a settlement or litigating a case.    


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Understanding Our Clients Is Key To Achieving The Best Outcome

At VanderWoude & Roma, PLLC, you are not just another client. We believe in building attorney-client relationships with open communication, honesty, and trust. Investing in our clients’ lives and cases allows us to get a deeper understanding of who our clients are, identify their goals, and learn about their lifestyles to best address what our clients’ needs are both now and what they will be in the future.


We care about our clients’ well-being and are conscious of the lasting implications that legal matters can have upon them, their children, their loved ones, and on their entire life and future. 

You will be an integral part of crafting a custom strategy that encompasses your best interests, needs and striving for the best possible outcome.​

Dedicated to representing clients in Westchester, Putnam, Dutchess,
and surrounding areas.

Extensive Experience Backed By A Comprehensive Command Of The Facts Produces Better Outcomes

To be effective, we seek to know and understand our clients.  We have to know the law as it applies to the specific matter but, to make it work, we have to identify, organize, and argue the facts.


Whether a divorce, employment dispute, or a land use issue, we approach each case the same way.  Know the facts, then apply the law.  While this may sound simplistic, it is not.  Why? Because the facts of each case are different.  Our attorney’s endeavor to trim away opinion and interpretation until they find the unvarnished truth.


What sets us apart from other firms is our deep seeded belief that the key to producing the best outcome is knowing the facts better than anyone else.  Most attorneys can argue the law, not every attorney takes the time to really know the facts and how the law applies to those facts. 


Being armed with unadorned facts allows us to analyze and organize the issues and to devise the best strategy to get you relief.  Whether your case requires  litigation or a negotiated settlement, knowing the facts are essential to achieving the best possible results.


Meet Our Team

Photo of attorney Rachel L. Barmack

Rachel L. Barmack

Associate Attorney

Let Us Help You


“Jerry took my case from go. He calmed me down and guided me through the process. He showed me how to keep my cool when my ex-husband was being ridiculous. He concentrated on what I wanted and negotiated a perfect deal. I was able to keep the house and my business. Couldn’t be happier.”

– D.W.

“Neil kept me in check when I was impatient and, in the end, I was divorced a year earlier than many people I knew. But beyond that, he managed to get the bank to settle the upside-down mortgage for my ex-wife and me and helped us both get a fresh start without a deficiency judgment. He managed to get more with cooperation from his reasonable negotiating style than I thought possible. Even the other side liked him!”

– J.R.

“Great law firm and real Great human beings. They took a case on that no one else would handle. Fearless and very smart. The speak English without legalese and really care if you understand. A number of workers at my job were just being screwed over and this law firm stepped up, which was no little thing because they were suing the State of New York. It’s not over yet, but this firm has stood in against some real heat.”

– V.F.