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We Love Client Feedback

Family Client

“Jerry took my case from go. He calmed me down and guided me through the process. He showed me how to keep my cool when my ex-husband was being ridiculous. He concentrated on what I wanted and negotiated a perfect deal. I was able to keep the house and my business. Couldn’t be happier.​”

Family Law Client

“Neil kept me in check when I was impatient and, in the end, I was divorced a year earlier than many people I knew. But beyond that, he managed to get the bank to settle the upside down mortgage for my ex-wife and me and helped us both get a fresh start without a deficiency judgment. He managed to get more with cooperation from his reasonable negotiating style than I thought possible. Even the other side liked him!”

Plaintiff in an Employment Lawsuit

“Great law firm and real Great human beings. They took a case on that no one else would handle. Fearless and very smart. The speak English without legalese and really care if you understand. A number of workers at my job were just being screwed over and this law firm stepped up, which was no little thing because they were suing the State of New York. It’s not over yet, but this firm has stood in against some real heat.”

Family Law ​Client

“I got screwed by my ex-husband and my lawyer. Neil said the agreement was unconscionable and brought a plenary action. Everyone said he was crazy, except for the Judge, and my case made the NY Law Journal. He was better with numbers than my accountant. After three long years, the Court got tired of My ex’s antics and struck his answer. These guys are warriors. They are incredibly fair and caring. I have been to other lawyers, and they always think of their fees first. In this office, clients come first.”